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Why People Love Smokey Mountain

"I have chewed for 20 plus years.....classic flavor. Smokey Mountain Herbal snuff is fantastic! Blown away by the taste and texture!!! Thank you guys for developing a safe alternative to tobacco!!! I tried the Grape out of curiosity...….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? FANTASTIC FLAVOR!!!!!"

Josh B.

"I did snuff for over 20 years and stopped 4 years ago, but I always missed having a dip so stared using Smokey Mountain. This is a good product and a lot better than others I tried."

Dave H.

"I have tried a few different brands. Smokey Mountain is the best so far. The classic has the look, taste, smell and float. I have even gotten a few of my coworkers to switch from theirs to this. This is great stuff."

Harvey M.

"It was 10 years ago for me. Dipped Copenhagen for years. Then a friend said try this Smokey Mountain. I never looked back. Thanks y’all."

Randy R.

"After 45 years of nicotine in my blood, it took Smokey Mountain Wintergreen to finally say goodbye to that nasty stuff."


"I’ve recently given up on smoking and using moist snuff for health concerns, vaping helps with the smoking aspect but I could never get rid of my urge to put a dip in, with Smokey Mountain Wintergreen I’m able to do so. Good stuff definitely will continue to use"


"Smokey Mountain Snuff was the defining product that helped me kick a 12 year tobacco habit back in 2000. I had tried 3 other herbal chews prior to Smokey, but none of those came close to Smokey Mountain. Thanks Smokey Mountain for 19 years of great tasting freedom!"


"You all know there’s nothing like the real thing. But let’s face it, the “real thing” is going to kill us. After 25yrs of dipping, I had to be mentally ready to make this transition. Smokey Mountain has me a year and a half clean now. It’s 1/2 the cost, and I use it 1/2 as much as I used to chew the real thing. It may take me 2 more years to quit Smokey but “who cares” I don’t like chewing gum. Thanks Smokey Mountain!"


"I tried it all (patches, gum, prescription drugs, etc...) and Smokey Mountain was the only way that I found that worked to get off nicotine PERMANENTLY! After dipping for 27 years, I was able to kick the habit for good and am still enjoying Smokey Mountain 4 years later!"


"I've been using Smokey Mountain Wintergreen now for 15 years love it , so glad I found it and quite chewing Regular chewing Tobacco, told many of my friends about it and there loving Smoky Mountain snuff, great stuff, I buy it all the time online thank you for a great product."


"My brother gave me a can of the Smokey Mountain Snuff Wintergreen. I was surprised at the flavor and feel it matches my regular chewing tobacco and I've starting using it more than the tobacco. thanks for making a premium product that will eventually be my one and only snuff."


"I've dipped for many years and tried many other tobaccoless dip. I've found nothing that is even as remotely close to the "real" taste, texture, and feeling as Smokey Mountain. I can honestly say I will never go back to tobacco after this. Thank you guys!"


"I really like the wintergreen snuff, taste great and no after taste. I recommend to all my friends."


"Hey guys n gals, just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I've tried the patches, I've tried the coffee pouches. I first heard about your product on July 4th, and placed a order with you shortly afterwards. I'm now on my second week tobacco free using Smokey Mountain, and I never thought I'd get this far effortlessly. Smokey Mountain is the best thing to happen to me this year. Thank you so much!"

Mike S.

"I accidentally bought the Smokeys. Wasn’t looking at the “Tobacco-Free” heads upon the cap. Thought it was another brand of dips. Just now I have realized that it’s nicotine and tobacco free. I’m mind blown. It feels, tastes and works just like a nicotine dip. Wow. Guess it’s time to quit nicotine!"

Arian R.

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Smokey Mountain is a 100% Nicotine-Free and 100% Tobacco-Free dip.


(*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)