Who We Are

It might seem strange today, with tobacco alternatives of all types available on the market, but once upon a time tobacco alternatives barely existed. That’s when Smokey Mountain Chew was born - the first true innovator in the smokeless tobacco alternative space.

The story started with two men - one a professional baseball scout, and another who worked for an herbal company. Seeing that there was no existing market for smokeless tobacco alternatives and knowing from experience that people were searching for high-quality nicotine- and tobacco-free dip, together they founded Smokey Mountain Chew in 1985.

While the early products of Smokey Mountain Chew bore little resemblance to our ever-growing array of quality dip alternatives we offer today, at the time Smokey Mountain Chew was a product that was ahead of its time. Smokey Mountain was the first tobacco-free smokeless tobacco alternative on the market, and the company continued to improve upon the formula. In 1999, seeing the growing demand for herbal snuff and tobacco alternatives, a group of investors jumped on board with the company and everything changed.

As part of the restructuring, a management team with smokeless tobacco experience was put in place to run the company. Smokey Mountain’s vision of “assisting adult tobacco consumers in taking back their tobacco-free lives” began. The company adopted a strict “no minors” policy, improved product formulations, expanded product offerings, and continued to invest in automation and manufacturing. Smokey Mountain also invested in national advertising, sponsorship programs, and an array of lifestyle marketing opportunities. The company needed to let adult smokeless tobacco consumers know that the brand Smokey Mountain existed.

In the more than two decades since that major moment in the company’s history, we have been able to attract some pretty big names over the years. Pro Football Hall of Fame NFL Inductee Randy White tried the product many years ago and became a fan and spokesperson. Later, National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee Chipper Jones , while trying to quit chew, also started dipping Smokey Mountain and has represented the company ever since. We have had many other celebrity encounters, and we always enjoy learning who is using Smokey Mountain these days.


Our Product

Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff and Pouches Manufacturing Plant in Coppell, TXSmokey Mountain continues to market a “clean” product - meaning that the product contains zero tobacco and zero nicotine. Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff is made with 100% FDA approved food grade ingredients, and is manufactured in an FDA-registered and inspected food facility. Our manufacturing team is composed of food experts, with “big company” manufacturing and science backgrounds. They love working for a small company, and have really embodied our motto of doing more with less.

Now, after years of building a loyal following and constantly improving our products and processes to offer more flavors and products for our clientele, we proudly offer an array of eight flavors of long-cut herbal chew: Straight, Classic, Wintergreen, Peach, Cherry, Arctic Mint, Citrus, and Grape. In addition to our long-cut offerings, we also offer Caffeinated Pouches in Arctic Mint, Wintergreen, Spearmint and Coffee flavors.


What’s next for Smokey Mountain Chew?

Our goal of being a truly innovative and industry-leading company has never changed. For the future, our plan is to expand our offerings at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Coppell, TX; and to obtain the highest certifications for food manufacturing. We are always listening to our loyal customers and developing new products, flavors, and working with the best ingredients to expand our offerings.

With so many new competitors entering our space, including coffee pouches, tea pouches and nicotine pouches, we feel an obligation to lead by example. We thank our trade partners and our loyal consumers for allowing us to continue to do what we love. We look forward to continuing our mission of offering premium options for customers seeking tobacco-free chew and expanding our array of product.


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