Tips on Quitting Tobacco

How to Quit Dipping: Some Tips To Make It Easier

While chewing tobacco has been a classic tradition of ball players, hunters, farmers, and thousands of other Americans throughout the years, many long-time dippers today are realizing that smokeless tobacco alternatives are just as satisfying as those with tobacco. Whether you want to make the move to a tobacco-free chew, or are just interested in quitting chewing tobacco altogether, we put together some tips and tricks to make it just a little easier.

Suggestion #1: Remove the Temptation

Part of the problem for a seasoned tobacco chewer looking to quit is removing the temptations that make falling off the wagon a risk. While smokeless tobacco is still sold across the country, there are other ways to make it easier to avoid and save yourself the energy of trying to resist it:
  • Avoid social situations where the pressure to tobacco dip is likely - if you know that your friends on your team like to get together after the game and tobacco dip will be around, consider taking a break until the worst cravings are gone.
  • Try to find ways to pass the time - Boredom and long waits are often cited by tobacco users (both smokers and tobacco chewers) as a tough place to avoid cravings and resist urges. Consider bringing a book, downloading a game on your phone, or reading the newspaper to pass the time and help lessen your cravings.
  • Consider chewing gum and drinking water when you feel a craving come on - just like traditional cigarette smokers, many long-time dippers  know that the oral fixation, the feeling of holding something in your mouth, can be the toughest thing to overcome if you decide to quit. Water or gum, even toothpicks, are all easy solutions to help you curb the worst of this.
  • Use a smokeless tobacco alternative like Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff - it seems like a no brainer, but Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff or Pouches offers much that tobacco chewers enjoy, but with no nicotine or tobacco, the source of these cravings. 

Suggestion #2: Look for Helpful Resources

While removing the temptation or finding ways to avoid cravings is one part of the process of quitting chewing tobacco, you don't have to do it alone. Tobacco and nicotine are highly addictive and tough to quit, and there are many useful resources out on the Internet that can help you quit tobacco dip:

Suggestion #3: Make A Realistic Plan And Stick To It

Any athlete or outdoorsman knows that success is often the result of a carefully crafted plan, one that has all the steps and potential hazards figured out ahead of time. Quitting chewing tobacco or dip is no different - while many people wish they could just choose one day to kick it to the curb, you are far more likely to find success if you create a realistic but focused plan to kick the habit. A few things to consider when making your plan:

  • How can you avoid the temptations we listed above?
  • Do you want to attempt to quit cold turkey, or slowly wean yourself off tobacco chew?
  • Consider giving yourself rewards (a nice cold beer, a game of golf) if you hit your milestones without cheating. Rewards help make sticking to your plan easier.
  • See if a friend or family member will be your “backup” - someone who checks in on you, helps you avoid temptation, and monitors your progress. 

While there is no easy way to quit smokeless tobacco, lots of people have done it before and there’s no reason you can’t do it too!


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