Josh Bertrand [Major League Fishing Pro] Shares His Top Fishing Tips

Josh Bertrand [Major League Fishing Pro] Shares His Top Fishing Tips

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Josh Bertrand is a Major League Fishing pro who has been competing on the Bass Pro Tour and other major fishing leagues for over a decade. He recently shared some of his best tips on fishing with a LiveScope in 2021. Bertrand covers the basics of using a LiveScope, then gives expert fishing tips on how to familiarize yourself with the technology and the best techniques to pair with it. Here are some of the highlights of what he had to say.


For starters, if you don’t know what LiveScope is or how it works, it is a relatively new technology which enables anglers to see what’s beneath the water’s surface using live and scanning sonar.

Drop Shot

Bertrand recommends using a drop shot rig when starting out with a LiveScope. Drop-shotting is a technique of attaching a small weight to the end of your tag line so that the weight can rest on the bottom, keeping your lure suspended weightless just above the bottom.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case. For one, drop-shotting is simply an effective method for catching fish. But Bertrand recommends drop-shotting in particular for three reasons: it is a very precise method, most drop shot bait is easy to pick up on the LiveScope, and most fish that will be caught using a drop shot will also be easy to spot on LiveScope. All of these points combine to make drop-shotting a perfect method for anglers who want to learn how to use their LiveScope and also have some success on the water in the process.

Setting Your Range

Another point Bertrand stresses for learning your LiveScope is the importance of setting the proper range. If you set the range too far, Bertrand says, you will be able to see things at a great distance, but there will be very little detail in what you see. On the other hand, if you set the range too close, you will have tremendous detail but will not be able to see anything that’s far away from you. The benefit of LiveScope is that it allows for precise vision at a distance. For LiveScope beginners, Bertrand recommends starting out at shorter distances before working your way up. 50 to 60 feet is the recommended range when starting out, according to Bertrand, who says that 70 feet is a good range that he is comfortable with. But the exact distance will vary depending on the conditions and how comfortable you are using the LiveScope.

Bulkier Bait

Bertrand’s final trip for learning how to use a LiveScope is to start out with a bulkier bait. While LiveScope is designed to help you get a clearer picture of the variety and numbers of fish in the water, it’s also important that you can see your (?) on the LiveScope as well. Larger, bulkier baits will always stand out more on the LiveScope. On that same note, Bertrand also specifically recommends using a tungsten drop shot weight when learning the LiveScope because it is denser than other drop shot weights, and thus will show up easily on the LiveScope as well.

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