5 Jerkbait Fishing Tips from Josh Bertrand, Major League Fishing Pro

5 Jerkbait Fishing Tips from Josh Bertrand, Major League Fishing Pro

Josh Bertrand is a Major League Fishing Tour Professional who knows about how to jerkbait fish. He insists that jerkbait fishing can be done in any season and has recently shared some tips on how to fish jerkbaits. 

While engaging in some jerkbait fishing, it is important to keep your mind clear and your focus razor sharp. Josh Bertrand acknowledges this, and it is a key reason as to why he has had such a successful pro fishing career. Use Smokey Mountain’s tobacco free dip to keep your head in the game in a healthy way. Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff and Pouches is a proud sponsor of Josh Bertrand. Below we have provided some of Bertrand’s most effective jerkbait fishing tips. 

1. Set a reasonable range

While fishing jerkbaits, it is important to pick the proper range to shoot for. The proper range will allow you to have excellent vision from a distance. Obviously, there are some factors that must be consideredlike the weather conditions and your experience with the fishing pole you are using. But generally, Betrand says, it is wise to position yourself in a spot that is not too far nor too close to your target. He suggests setting the range at 50 to 60 feet out

2. Have some slack in your line

Having some slack in your line while jerkbait fishing is a key detail that cannot be overlooked. Bertrand explains that the slack in the line helps your bait move quicker from side-to-side. He also mentions that hearing the line slap the water as you jerkbait fish is a good sign that you have allowed for enough slack. 

3. Maximize jerkbait usage by using shallow and deep-diving baits 

Bertrand knows that alternating different depths gives you a shot at experiencing better fishing results. It is also important to vary your cadence based on the temperature of the water. Jerkbait fishing can be conducted in any season, but you need to be aware of the water’s temperature. 

4. Use sizeable bait

Using large, bulky bait is a good way to increase your yield of large, bulky bass. Bulky bait is easier to view on Garmin Panoptix LiveScope, which is a live sonar used during jerkbait fishing. Live sonar is an absolute must in the jerkbait fishing game, as it ensures that your bait stays right in front of the fish. 

Bertrand also stresses how crucial it is to have bulky bait that is high-quality and looks realistic. Jerkbait fishing becomes increasingly difficult if you do not have the right gear. Your jerkbait should yield fine results no matter what the weather is. 

5. Use a drop shot rig

While using LiveScope, Bertrand recommends that you use a drop shot rig. This is a good tip for those who have started using the LiveScope. The drop shot rig involves adding a weight to your tag line to keep your lure suspended. It is a specific, detailed method that will allow you to spot fish easier on the LiveScope. The ability to spot fish easier ensures that you will be a happy jerkbait fisher. 

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