Fishing Pro Josh Bertrand Shares His Tips on Spybaiting

Fishing Pro Josh Bertrand Shares His Tips on Spybaiting

Josh Bertrand is a Major League Fishing pro who has been competing professionally for over a decade. Not just a passionate angler, Josh always loves to share his knowledge and expertise in the sport. For those looking to learn fishing tips from the best, Bertrand offers fishing tutorials on a number of techniques. He recently shared some of his best tips on fishing with a Spybait. Here are some of the most important points Bertrand had to share.


First, what is a Spybait? A Spybait is a small minnow-shaped jerkbait. The Spybait has two propellers on either end and sinks slowly when cast. Its motion and figure make it a great option for catching suspended bass. Bertrand stresses that a common misconception about the Spybait is that it’s only good for catching small fish. Despite the bait’s small size, Bertrand says, it can be used to catch larger fish than most baits of similar sizes can.

Bertrand also notes the importance of using a spinning rod and a light line with the Spybait. The trick to using this finesse bait lies in the natural-looking movement of the minnow-shaped bait. For the best results, the Spybait needs to be dragged slowly and carefully across the water. This will attract the attention of the fish and give them a chance to latch on.

When to Use Spybait

One of the key points that Bertrand makes about the Spybait is that it is not an “all day” bait. This is not an all-purpose fishing bait, or something that you will use for hours on end. This is because it’s a rather slow bait with limited range. Using a Spybait is a delicate process that requires finesse and concentration.

The Spybait is something of a specialty bait. According to Bertrand, it is best used in conditions where fish are otherwise difficult to catch. Bertrand mentions fishing for suspended and heavily pressured fish as situations that call for a Spybait. He also notes it can be useful when a particular school of fish will not fall for any other baits. The Spybait can offer a change of pace and present something new to the fish on a difficult day. In some ways, the Spybait can be thought of as a last resort bait. On those days when nothing else seems to be working a Spybait might be the solution to your problems.

But the most important thing of all when using a Spybait, according to Bertrand, is the water conditions. Bertrand stresses that clear water is essential when using this bait. He recommends a visibility of at least three feet. This is because the Spybait is a finesse bait that relies on visibility. In order to use it effectively, you must be able to see your fish and know how they are moving. 

The Spybait has a niche set of conditions in which it is useful, but it’s highly effective in those situations. High visibility combined with difficult fish are the ideal conditions. If you ever find yourself in these conditions, Bertrand highly recommends having a Spybait on hand. The Spybait requires some patience and precision, but according to Bertrand the satisfaction it offers can’t be beat!

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