Why Customers Love Our Tobacco-Free Dip Flavors

Why Customers Love Our Tobacco-Free Dip Flavors

Smokey Mountain Chew was founded over 30 years ago with the goal of creating a high-quality, tobacco-free and nicotine-free dip alternative. Over those years, we have been proud of the success we’ve had. Our success comes from understanding the needs of those who want a tobacco-free dip experience without testing positive for nicotine. We have strived every step of the way to make a product our customers can truly enjoy. 

There are many reasons why Smokey Mountain’s Herbal Snuff is beloved by our adult consumer base. Mainly, it offers them great-tasting dip alternative that is available in traditional flavors and varieties that appeal to old-school dippers. But that’s not all there is to it. At Smokey Mountain, we take pride in crafting small batches, with the finest oils and flavors, in our new state-of-the-art food grade and inspected manufacturing facility.

Quality Ingredients

In order to offer the best tobacco-free dip possible, Smokey Mountain uses only FDA approved food-grade ingredients.  Our products use ingredients like molasses, corn silk, cayenne pepper, and the highest quality oils and flavors. These ingredients help each unique flavor stand out. Each proprietary blend is crafted to create a dipping alternative that simply tastes better.

Flavor Variety

In striving to create a tobacco-free dip alternative, the use of quality ingredients is only one step in the process. Another key step in the process is offering unique flavors that can satisfy anyone who is searching for dip alternatives. We offer all of the most familiar flavor choices on the market. Smokey Mountain’s long-cut chew is available in the following flavors: Straight, Classic, Wintergreen, Peach, Cherry, Arctic Mint, Citrus, and Grape. By offering a range of flavors, there is sure to be something for everyone. Variety is one of the many reasons why our flavors are beloved. Whether you are loyal to a particular flavor, or like to mix it up, Smokey Mountain has something for you.

Our Straight and Classic flavors are great for those who prefer a more straightforward experience. Not everyone wants a burst of flavor during their chewing routine. These two flavors allow consumers to relax into familiarity in a tobacco-free experience.

There are also those who like the sharp, refreshing taste of mint flavors with their dip and dip-alternatives. For these folks, we offer both Wintergreen and Arctic Mint in long cut, as well as pouches. These refreshing flavors are among our most popular, so making them available in a variety of products was a no-brainer.

Still there are those who like the go even bolder with their flavor choices. Our range of traditional fruit flavors each offer a unique blend of sweetness and refreshment. Whether you prefer Peach, Cherry, Grape, or Citrus, each of these flavors offers a unique experience. These flavors can be especially satisfying during the summer months when you are looking for a refreshing treat. 

Find Your Flavor

If having access to each of these flavors wasn’t enough, our herbal pouches are also available in variety packs. These variety packs are great for people who like to have options. They are also perfect for anyone who is still searching for their flavor or would like to test our product for themselves. If you’ve never tried a tobacco-free and nicotine-free dip or are searching for dip alternatives, a variety pack may be perfect for you. Check out everything we have to offer you at Smokey Mountain Chew.

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